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About Us

The Medical devices & equipment industry is quite wide with > 14,000 different products types, as per the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN).

The biggest challenge for the Indian Health sector is the reach and infrastructure available for the common people.

In the past, the sector has significantly brought down the incidence of disease among patients, families, society as well as improved the country’s health system, significantly.

Allied Healthsciences Pvt Ltd has aligned itself for the best offering the Point-of-Care devices and has been operating in the domestic and international markets with innovative healthcare product range since the year 2003.

Our flagship Brand HEMOCHEK has gained so much popularity, that the Fake & look- alike products have been flocking the markets recently with no quality guarantees.

HEMOCHEK - COLOUR SCALE FOR HAEMOGLOBIN is available in 3 different pack sizes to suite all the users.

HEMOCHEK is a true validated product with all our batches being certified and validated by the Largest CAP & NABL accredited laboratory in India.

HEMOCHEK has 80% world market size and most popular among industry & Government and finds its usage in all the Mass Anaemia programmes conducted in India and worldwide.

FDA approved Hemoglobinometer marketed by us complements our range affectively.

Allied Healthsciences Pvt Ltd main focus has been to release products to the market under a strict regulatory structure leading to quality for all the products being developed in-house or OEM’s.

We are an ISO 9001: 2008 Company with HEMOCHEK as CE marked products.

Registered Office :

101-C, Kundan Plaza, Ashram, New Delhi-110014, India
Phone : 91-11-26343555, 26343091, 26343092
All India Toll Free : 1800-11-2700


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